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Student Code of Conduct

Milford Martial Arts Academy in Milford Ohio has adopted this code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

  1. I will observe all the Rules and Regulations of Milford Martial Arts Academy.
  2. I will address all instructors as Mr./Ms./Mrs. before their names and Master Instructors as Master before their names.
  3. I will show respect by first bowing to Master/Senior instructor and all Black Belts in the Dojang as well as at any other Martial Arts functions.
  4. I will upon entering and leaving the training floor bow to the flags.
  5. I will show respect to all Black Belts.
  6. I will, upon entering the Dojang, prepare myself mentally and physically for training.
  7. I will not use the art wrongfully or display my knowledge in public.
  8. I will not show disrespect if I or someone else makes a mistake. I will however use any mistake or error as a reminder to try harder.
  9. I will respect others and strive to be humble and noble to all.
  10. I will not commit any act which may have an adverse effect on the dignity of myself or Milford Martial Arts Academy.
  11. I will respect the law and those who enforce it.
  12. I will not use unreasonable conduct outside or in the Dojang, such as showing off, intimidating others by acts of superiority, and unauthorized teaching or in any way abusing the art. If found to be doing so, I will meet a board of instructors from Milford Martial Arts Academy for a hearing.  If found guilty: I could be stripped of my membership with the school, suspended training and/or forfeit any rank I have at Milford Martial Arts Academy.

Conduct: Alcohol is prohibited period. There will be no smoking during training sessions. Any horseplay will cease when entering the Dojang

Sparring: All students must wear head gear, mouth guard, safety hands, feet and males should wear a protective cup. No face or head contact of any kind allowed unless with feet in allowed areas. Light contact ONLY.